Perfecting the French Macaron

It's a love hate relationship, really. So sensitive that if you don't let the eggs age properly, or let the Macarons rest before entering the oven, you may end up with a flat and unappealing Macaron. After carefully sifting my ground almonds and powered sugar, not once but twice (with the help of both my mom and dad, due to muscle cramping) I had the misfortune of mistaking decorating gel for food coloring. [insert violin here] It was a total flop. They didn't rise at all and were hard throughout. I thought I would have to leave this to the pros. Never the less, I equipped myself with a proper digital scale, now able to follow the recipe exactly in grams I went back at it. You know what they say, when you fall off the horse.... Well, my second try yielded one tray (the other two trays were overcooked) and with a taste of victory I couldn't stop there. The next two batches were a success. Well, two batches minus one and a half trays that I accidentally dropped. I'm sure you can imagine the shriek that came out when I saw all that hard work, in slow motion, come crashing to the floor. The end result was simply delicious! There will be many more Macaron adventures to come. If at first you don't succeed...try, try again!!

Make sure your meringue has good peaks!

Almost there!

in the oven too long = Macarons in the garbage

Macaron Lollipop!!!

Great recipe here